Board of Directors

An iconic technology executive and investor, Dr. Amelio recently stepped down from the AT&T Board of Directors, a career expanding 18 years, to assume a more hands-on role in executing 5BARz’s accelerated growth strategy as Chairman of the Board, effective February 2013. Throughout a career span of over three decades, Dr. Amelio has led various technology companies, including serving as the CEO and Chairman of Apple Computer, the President, CEO and Chairman of National Semiconductor, and the President of Rockwell Communication Systems, a unit of Rockwell International. Under his leadership, these companies underwent successful transformations that resulted in over $9 billion USD increase in investor value.

Dr. Amelio launched his career as a member of the technical staff at Bell Labs’ legendary Murray Hill, NJ campus. He received a Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s Degree, and Ph.D. in physics from the Georgia Institute of Technology. Dr. Amelio has been awarded 16 patents and a 17th is pending. He is the co-author of three books, two of which were business best sellers.

Dr. Amelio has established a well-documented legacy of having identified and implemented key strategically important emerging technologies leading to significant increases in shareholder value at the companies he led. His broad base of experience, influence in the technology sector and insightful guidance to developing technology companies is a significant asset to organizations with which he is or has been associated.

Daniel is a seasoned entrepreneur who has firmly established himself as a ‘hands-on’ developer of premier and unique technologies. Over the last thirty years he has been well ahead of the technology curve by locating state-of-the-art technology, incubating it, developing it, commercializing it and building a world class team around him to make those technology innovations and advances a reality. Through this process Daniel has mastered the small cap market techniques that have allowed him to raise over $100,000,000 for his various ventures in both domestic and international venues. His development and financing activities over the years have allowed him to build a network of like-minded companies and individuals across the globe from Monaco to Moscow, Vancouver to Bangalore. His success in large part is due to his persistence and focus. One project at a time, Daniel fully immerses himself as an entrepreneurial CEO in the startup stage while selecting a management team to take the technology, the product and the company to the next level. All these skill sets and his thirty years of experience is now fully focused on building 5Barz and its leading-edge products in the most vibrant technology sector in modern times – the Wireless Industry.