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5BARz™ International Adds to Suite of Intellectual Property with Upcoming Filings in India

SAN DIEGO-- 5BARz International (OTCQB: BARZ) ( (“5BARz” or “the Company”), a technology leader in the cellular network extender industry and broadband networks, is pleased to announce that the company is in the process of filing for patents on its proprietary Wi-Fi router with the Controller General of Patents, Designs & Trade mark, the Office of the Intellectual Property Authority of India. These patent filings pertain to a broad range of features and technologies used in its 5BARz™ Wi-Fi Router and the 5BARz™ Smart Connectivity Experience, adding significantly to its already robust suite of intellectual property.

Further, the company will be filing for additional patents on the already patented 5BARz™ Network Extender device. These patent filings will be concentrated around the manner in which the 5BARz™ Network Extender is able to intelligently work with solving signal penetration issues in high rise buildings and around the possibility of farming spectrum or a real-time spectrum change. These unique product inventions have been the breakthrough that has given 5BARz™ the clear technological edge over several other companies in the space.

5BARz™ Wi-Fi Smart Connectivity Experience, the company’s proprietary software solution, enables Wi-Fi users to smartly monitor, manage and control their home networks while at home or away. The 5BARz™ Wi-Fi Router comes with the 5BARz™ Smart Experience connectivity software and applications which will enable users to customize their internet experience completely. The proprietary 5BARz™ Wi-Fi Router and the 5BARz™ Smart Connectivity Experience will be rolled out as part of the 5 million device deployment roll-out which was announced on August 31.

The complete 5BARz™ Wi-Fi solution comes packed with some innovative features such as smart power, smart wireless, customizable bandwidth and data usage, remote monitoring, alerts and advanced IoT capabilities which enables the consumer to have a monitored and customized approach with the easy-to-use 5BARz™ Smart Experience connectivity suite of applications from anywhere and at any time. The product functions as a hub for the smart devices with its built in IoT capabilities which come as a default feature in the device.

The product innovation is the outcome of several man months of hard work, dedication and commitment of the team of engineers from 5BARz India. The team has worked very hard to complete this next-gen product that has carved out a unique identity for itself in the broadband market. In addition to India the company will file the applicable PCT application as well as with the U.S. Patent Office to protect its intellectual property rights as it rolls out its global market strategy.

Deepak J R P, AVP of Technology and Engineering, 5BARz India Pvt Ltd says, “We are delighted to announce that we have identified several patent opportunities for our innovative breakthrough products. We have developed an array of unique features which are far ahead of their time. This milestone exemplifies the confidence that management has in our engineering team who have worked hard in product innovation and will help us in pioneering new ground breaking products in the future.”

About 5BARz India

5BARz India Private Limited is one of India’s most promising technology start-ups that is well equipped to provide seamless connectivity solutions. 5BARz India is a part of 5BARz International Inc., a start-up that is delivering solutions for cellular and broadband network operators in providing clear, high quality signal and superior connectivity for their subscribers. 5BARz™ with its 2 state-of-the-art products, 5BARz™ Network Extender for cellular connectivity and the 5BARz™ Wi-Fi router for broadband connectivity is striving to solve the problem of last mile connectivity. Due to the plug & play nature and zero installation cost, the 5BARz™ suite of products is emerging as the most attractive proposition in India.

The ultra-portable 5BARz™ Network Extender incorporates a patented technology to create a high engineering based, single-piece, plug and play device that strengthens weak cellular signals by amplifying even the poorest cellular signals from 1 bar to 5 bars, ensuring uninterrupted connectivity at home and work.

The 5BARz™ Fuji through its single-piece, plug and play device introduces a break through approach in providing uninterrupted and superior coverage and connectivity across home and work with a smart approach to broadband.

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About 5BARz International Inc.

The 5BARz International Inc. business is focused on the global commercialization of patented product technologies branded under the name 5BARz®. 5BARz® is a cellular and broadband connectivity solutions company for application in the small office, home or for when users are mobile. 5BARz® incorporates patented technology to create highly engineered, single-piece, plug 'n play units that strengthens weak cellular signals to deliver high quality signals for voice, data and video reception on cell phones and other cellular equipped devices cellular connectivity device and an uninterrupted and smart solution for the broadband coverage solutions. 5BARz® represents a key solution for network operators in providing clear, high quality signal for their subscribers with a growing need for high quality connectivity. 5BARz International Inc.'s shares are publicly traded on the OTCBB under the ticker symbol BARZ.

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